Where is the best place to post lead gen content for email link subscribers?

I have a question. I tried searching your episodes, and not sure, maybe you have one that answer’s this, but here it is. I created printable worksheets to go along w each episode of my podcast. They are free and I want to include them by the guest subscribing to my mailing list. But the question I’m struggling over is this, where do I post these Printables? On my website? on Pinterest? Is there somewhere everyone else uses, or any great ideas you have?

@Heatherlea77, best place to post all content is still your website. There are two ways to do this:

Scenario 1:

  1. Publish an email signup form from your mailing list provider on your website.
  2. In the thank-you email, provide a link to your page where you have the worksheets available for download. The download page doesn’t have to really be protected, because it’s a free signup anyway, and people don’t have the intention, time or energy to pass around the link for a free download.

Scenario 2:
If you have a membership plugin like DigitalAccessPass.com, then you could protect the thank-you page, so that they would have to log-in to access it. And a single signup-form can add them to your mailing list provider AND also create a free membership account for them on your DAP-powered site.

TIP: Use Thrive Architect - which is the best landing page creation plugin there is - to create a signup form on your site. If you sign up for DigitalAccessPass Platinum Membership, we can help you set all of this up as part of the 2 hours of free Concierge calls. And if you sign up for my coaching program at https://SubscribeMe.fm/academy/ , I can work with you to help you with all aspects of your online business, and not just the membership setup and content delivery.

TIP2: Check out my own signup form at http://SubscribeMe.fm on the home page. You’ll see I’m using Scenario 1, I believe, as I just want that to build a list. But if you sign up for my Podcast Promotion report at http://SubscribeMe.fm/podcast-promotion/ , then you’ll see I’m using Scenario 2.

Hope this helps.

//Ravi Jayagopal
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