WhatChangedWhen.com: New Website & Podcast Monitoring Service

Check out our new “Content Monitoring Service” at https://WhatChangedWhen.com .

There’s a free version available for a limited time during pre-launch.

WhaChangedWhen (WCW) helps you keep track of any important links in your business - like your sales page, store page, Podcast RSS feed, blog feed, etc.

And WCW will alert you if the “Content” changes at any of the links you’re monitoring.

You can monitor your own links, or your competitor’s websites for changes to pricing, or copy. And of course, you can monitor your client’s web pages and podcast feeds for changes and inform them asap if something’s amiss.

How Is This Different From Other Website Monitoring Services:
The issue with most site monitoring services is that they monitor a lot of things on your site - like Up-time, Speed, Pings, Testing from Multiple Geographic Locations, User Monitoring, blah, blah and more blah.

Other Website “Availability” & “Downtime” Monitoring Services Cannot Detect The Following…

  • WordPress Plugin & Theme Issues
  • General Site Errors
  • Broken Podcast Feeds
  • Unapproved Changes
  • Unintentional Changes
  • Site Getting Hacked

Content can change on your Home page, or Buy page, or Store page, or Contact-us Page, because of…

Plugin errors
Javascript or CSS errors
Embed-code errors
Missing or Corrupt files
"Warnings" and "Notices" due to changes in server software
Security software-related errors
WordPress update-related errors

That’s not all - content on your page can also change because…

Your site got hacked and malicious code was injected into your site, or text and links inserted into your page that cannot be easily detected by simply looking at the page's content
A rogue webmaster or ex-contractor secretly updated the buy-links on your sales page without your knowledge
Missing or Corrupt files
Web-host installed new server-software

WhatChangedWhen Tracks Appearance
Imagine if a school teacher only cared if a student answered roll-call (because they can hear their voice), but they don’t pay any attention to the student’s “appearance”.

So while the teacher knows that the student is in attendance, they won’t know if the student is acting any different all of a sudden, is smeared in mud, wearing a trash bag, has clown-makeup on, and is wearing an elf-hat.

Those other services track ‘availability’ and ‘performance’.

WhatChangedWhen.com tracks ‘appearance’ and ‘content’.

Did I mention it is free?

Sign up for a free account at WhatChangedWhen.com

– Ravi Jayagopal