What is a good bounce rate for a Facebook ad landing page?

Bounce-rate isn’t a factor of just your Facebook ad.

It is a combination of several things: Your audience selection for the ad, message-to-market match, relevance of your offer, quality of your copy, conversion-elements on your landing page, headline, etc etc.

But it all starts with audience selection and relevance of the offer to that audience. And you’re not going to figure out the right audience without a lot of testing. There are a few different types of audiences you can test:

  1. Pixeling your website visitors
  2. Lookalike audience of #1
  3. Adding some more demographic factors to #1 and #2
  4. People who have watched your video for “X” minutes

Basically, a whole bunch of testing is required before you can start figuring out which audience responds to your messages the most. And then don’t forget to test video ads vs. website clicks, images, multiple images, red border around images.

A lot goes into figuring out Facebook ads. If you need help with this, I invite you to sign-up for my Coaching program. Email me from https://SubscribeMe.fm/contact/ for details.

– Ravi Jayagopal
To Drip Or Not To Drip Content