What Gets Tracked, Gets Improved & Optimized


Here’s my added twist (3rd line) on a famous quote:

What gets tracked, gets measured.
What gets measured, gets improved.
What gets improved, gets optimized.

The above screenshot is from “RescueTime”, a free app-monitoring software installed on my computer.

Regular folks track NOTHING. High performers track EVERYTHING.

It’s totally fine to be in the middle, and improve as you go. But you gotta start somewhere.

You want to lose weight? Get a Smart Scale (what I have at home), a Fitbit and a diet-tracking app.

You want to be more productive? Install RescueTime for your computer. ScreenTime for your iPhone comes pre-installed in newer iOS versions. Sorry, no idea about Android apps.

Feel like you have no control over your finances? Start by monitoring your expenses. A dollar saved is a dollar earned. Revisit your monthly subscriptions. Cancel anything that you’re you haven’t used, and anything that you’re not using right now. You can always sign back up. Do you really need 4 different movie-streaming subscriptions?

Your business not growing fast enough? Start tracking everything.

Are you putting your money where your mouth is and paying to play?

Are you doing enough money-making activities?

Are you creating too much content?

You want to know how your website is doing? Start with Google Analytics, get a shopping cart like SmartPayCart.com , sign up for free Content Monitoring at WhatChangedWhen.com, sign up for free uptime monitoring at Pingdom.com.

You want to know how engaged your group is? Ditch Facebook Groups, and get your own forum, like the one you’re reading right now, which comes with tons of reports and metrics and gamification that will let you grow your audience and the engagement. See this post for more about my thoughts on creating a Forum.

What kind of tracking do you do at work and play? What apps, software, or hardware do you use, and how has it helped you with the results you were looking to achieve?

Let us know below in the comments.


– Ravi Jayagopal
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