Welcome to SubscribeMe Forum! Introduce Yourself! (READ THIS FIRST)


Hi everyone,

Great to be here. I’m Andy and here’s a a bit about me. Got started with blogging for my business 5 years ago, launched a podcast a year ago, and most recently hitting YouTube.

  • 20+ year fee-only financial advisor at Runnymede Capital Management, a family business. We help individuals, business owners, and companies to plan and manage their money and retirement plans.

  • Host of the INSPIRED MONEY podcast. Improve your money mindset as I interview actors, entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, and even a former WWE wrestler to help you get inspired, shift your perspectives on money, and achieve incredible things. Listen to one of my favorite episodes with Colin O’Brady, 3x world record holder, who is (right now) attempting to be the first human to complete a solo, unsupported walk across Antarctica. Amazing story.

  • Just got into video with the launch of BuyLocalNJ.com. My brother and I want to promote local business owners who build our communities by sustaining vibrant town centers, connecting neighbors, and contributing to local causes.

  • Married with three beautiful kids… point person for my son’s Scout’s Pine Wood Derby this year.

  • Sometimes, I play guitar.

If I can be of help in whatever you’re doing, let me know.


Hello everyone!

Thank you for inviting me to this form Ravi.

Let’s start with one unique thing about me - I’m a digital nomad that lives in a tiny house near Raleigh, NC. Since I work from my laptop and enjoy traveling, the minimalist lifestyle suites me well. My hope is that this group will help my connect with other people that are being intentional about building a business and lifestyle they are passionate about.


Hello everyone,
I am passionate about creative problem solving. I am specialized in audio and the related technologies and I love it when audio is being used to compliment other media such as in motion picture, video games, music performance and all the other fine arts.
Since 2015 I have been working on getting my music technology degrees, creating video tutorials and managing projects for ChronoScan, editing for music, relationship, authorship, parenting and entrepreneurship podcasts and creating my own music and video projects.
If you need technical advice for all things audio, I am your guy. All things creative, please count me in!
You can hear stuff I make here.


Hey there, thanks for the invite, Ravi.

I’m Doug Payton, a hobby podcast producer. Since discovering podcasts around 2006, I’ve been hooked listening to them. Later I got the opportunity to be a part of one as a segment contributor, and later produced a few of their shows. That gave me the skills (and the guts) to start my own show.

I’m into politics, and I listen to a few shows about it (among other things), but as many good ones are out there, they are typically too long to add to my list. So I decided to make the hook for my political podcast to be that it would only last 10 minutes or less (with a few special exceptions). So since 2012, I’ve been doing Consider This.


Hello, I am Tan-Man and I run a business with Lotion Boy. He will learn from me and one day he too will become a Tan-Man!!!

Just kidding. Trying to break up the monotony of the introduction format =)

My name is Jeremy, a.k.a. “The Guy With The Coolest Non-Indian Accent”, a.k.a. “The Jerminator”, a.k.a. “JerDoggMcKoy”.

I am a professional researcher and an AMAZINGLY talented non-action taker =) lol I have had a course / membership business idea on my heart for a couple of years now and I have done everything from purchasing software to courses to EVEN bugging for advice the TRUE, ONE & ONLY COOLEST GUY WITH THE COOLEST INDIAN ACCENT, Ravi, my hero. All of these were self-deceptions that I was making progress on my dreams but in reality, they were excuses to procrastinate out of fear of putting myself out there under public scrutiny.

But honestly, enough is enough. I’m committed to launching my project and I look forward to the support, help and financial contributions of this community to make this happen!!!

P.S. I’m totally kidding about the financial stuff. Not saying I wouldn’t accept it, I’m just saying I wasn’t really asking lol

Best of luck to you all!!! See you on the other side of success =)


Hi, I’m Erica Blocker, a life coach for moms, host of the Moms with Dreams podcast, creator of Moms with Dreams University, and an independent consultant with Paparazzi Accessories. I’m here to make new connections and learn about creating online courses, workshops, etc. Looking forward to this journey with all of you!



Hi everybody and thanks for the invite, Ravi!

I’m Mark Lineberry from the 'burbs of DC. Entering twenty years of marriage with my awesome wife, Lissett, and we have four kiddos from 8 to 17. By day I co-own a commercial services-based company (e.g. janitorial, security, maintenance, etc.) and we’ve had that for a few years. Prior to that, I’ve owned several businesses ranging from consulting to distribution to even a restaurant. At night, my wife and I are podcasters. We pressed pause on the Running Couple Podcast to focus in a pressing priority, but we’re about to hit resume with a new season. We’re also working on a couple of new podcasts and other projects on the side.


Hi there!
I’m Danielle Craig! I’m an Emmy award winning anchor turned podcast host! I host the Happiness in Progress podcast! I talk to inspiring people and experts about getting more joy out of life!
I can’t waiy to learn more and connect with all of you here!


Howdy Folks!

I’m Frank Morris and am the President of Tri-State Consultants and StudyTheCode.com

I have over 45 years and the construction and code industry. Feel free to look at my websites to learn more about me.

I started a membership website (StudyTheCode.com) back about 10 years ago. It has been good to me, but has not been my main source of income.

Now that I am getting into my golden years, I am wanting to pursue making my online business my main source of income. I also have another website that I am setting up at this time which has DAP and SPC on it.

My goal in joining this forum is to shall what knowledge have and in turn learn from the gurus on this forum. I still have a lot of questions. The day I don’t have questions will be the day I need to retire. I have no intentions of retiring!

Frank C, Morris, CBO, CEAP, MCP, MCEP
Tri-State Consultants


My name is Jeremy Brummel, I am as student pastor, husband and father of 4 children 5 and under. I have had a blog since 2015 and have written over 130 posts since then.

My blog is JeremyBrummel.com

I have a membership site FamilyConversations.org but I have not done a lot with it. I have gotten bogged down in work and busyness that I have not been able to work on it a lot of over the last year.

Any help or insight would be great!


Hey, gang:

I’m Claude Call, the host/producer/writer/chief cook and bottle washer for the podcast How Good It Is, a weekly show that takes a look at the music from the 1950s through the 1980s, spending each (15-ish minute) episode concentrating on a single song. The show’s been around for a little over a year and I’m about to release Episode 60.

I’m glad to be here because I’m kind of working in a bottle; I don’t know other podcasters personally, I work alone and sometimes I just need to communicate with some kindred spirits.

My other thing is finding a way to maximize the time I spend working on my show–how can I better publicize it? How do I convince potential guests to do interviews? At what point do I think about monetizing (or should I think about it at all)?

Looking forward to seeing what insights the folks ahead of me have!


I’m the owner of Change the World Marketing at www.changetheworldmarketing.com, where I help online entrepreneurs reach more people and make more money by helping them with speaking, writing, technology, and marketing strategy. I also help speakers with PowerPoint, presenting, and webinars.

I look forward to learning more here.


Hello all,
There sure is great diversity with so many interesting people in this forum. I’m glad to be a part.
11 years ago I took my hobby and made it into a business. And that means…I don’t have a hobby anymore :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m Marty Leenhouts, longtime teacher and now full-time owner/operator of MyChipCarving.com, a membership site where I seek to inspire, instruct and equip chip carvers from around the world. I do this with inspiration and informative videos, patterns, my own custom line of knives and a wide variety of products to chip carve. I’m redoing my website and will use DAP/SPC.

I also own RedBarnRetreats.com, a 5000 sq.ft. barn (new) that accommodates 10 overnight guests. We host business and leadership groups, family gatherings and many quilting, scrapbooking and crafting groups. This work doesn’t take much of my time which is nice.

Looking forward to interacting and learning from you.


Howdy! I’m Garret- I’m busy with a great family, a full time job, and our church, but I’m also passionate about music and how we, as fans, can support the artists we love. I used to put out a video/audio podcast once a week but it was just too much work, so now I put out a monthly audio-only show called Good Patron where I cover how we can become good patrons as well as cover active crowdfunding campaigns for music. I also run a closed Facebook group about that topic and THIS has been pretty encouraging to see other folks engaged and posting and interacting. As far as what might relate to this group, I’ve been considering how I could add value through an email list and or scheduled emails when someone joins and am considering whether it’d be worth it for me to create some materials for folks who are thinking about launching a crowdfunding campaign for music (kind of a ‘do your homework before you launch’ course)… Oh, and I also love coffee and am a home roaster.


Welcome Marty! Just to clarify, is chip carving kind of like those times where people see Mother Mary or Beyonce in a Dorito? lol jk =)


Hello Ravi and the rest of this grand community. My name is Bryan I am on the journey of trying to get a men’s coaching busnessnup and running.

So excited to see what is instore for me here.


I was wondering about the chip carving too and couldn’t get info because the website is down. Fossilized cow chips? Poker chips? Pringles?


:wink: Reminds me when I posted a title, “what is chip carving?”
A friend replied…“I don’t know. What is Chip carving today?” :smile:

I hadn’t thought of ripple chips or Doritos!


Right, cow chips or poker chips…all the possibilites!! :smile:
My website has been a real pain lately.


Hey Folks, nice to meet you all!

I’m Megan Dougherty and I’m the co-founder of One Stone Creative. (OneStoneCreative.net) We’re a multi-media content agency with a specialty in business podcasts, large-scale content repurposing, and digital learning materials. We’re going to be really focusing on youtube channel development in 2019 - very much looking forward to it!

My background is in online marketing education, I’ve been teaching entrepreneurs how to develop their businesses and get their tech sorted for about 10 years, and my partner is a 20 year veteran of commercial radio. Before I got into marketing, I made pies for a living. I have very strong feelings about crust.

After a year and a half of producing, we’re finally getting ready to launch our own show - it’s going to be called Authority Building Content and we’ll be doing seasons for different types of business owners. The first one is for coaches, different insights and bits of information they need to create authority building content and use it to grow their practices - so if you know anyone who might be a great guest for that, I’d love an introduction.