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Ravi Jayagopal
Podcast Host, SubscribeMe.fm
Creator, CoolCastPlayer.com
Co-Creator, DigitalAccessPass.com



I’m the host and founder of The Girl Lab. A podcast and upcoming membership site for teen girls, connecting them with mentors, sisterhood, and strategies to help them grow their confidence and entrepreneur dreams!

I’m here to learn all I can about membership site-building and all that goes with it.
I’m ready to learn, and make connections. :slight_smile:
I’m great at brainstorming, content writing, creative writing and I love listening and learning.



I am the owner/founder or whatever title is relevant, of Roth Media, LLC. I recently quit my job to start my own podcast production company where I help podcasters make their shows a success.

Check me out at http://rothmedia.audio. (Please forgive the barrenness, I’m working on it.) And feel free to reach out if you have questions about podcasting.


Hello everyone,

I’m Christopher Lopez gym owner and blogger at http://JerseyBeast.tv, podcaster at http://BeastLife247.com, and member site owner at http://BeastBrotherhood.com.

I help guys build their life in and out of the gym. Any way I can help, feel free to reach out!


Hello new friends,

My origin story is:

  • I started a financial wellness coaching business after my wife and I got out of debt in 2007
  • For 10 years I worked on building the business through blogging, webinars, and launching a podcast
  • In 2015 I left a salaried day-job in 2015 to focus all my energy on it
  • The business did not grow as I had expected, so I had extra time on my hands to do freelance work
  • A couple well-known financial bloggers wanted to start podcast but didn’t want to do the production. They said, “Steve, we just want to hit record. Would you do the rest”. Absolutely!
  • As soon as the FinCon community (FinCon is an annual conference/expo for people in the money & media niche) realized you could offload the podcast production to someone else, my plate started filling up
  • So my side-hustle that started in January 2016 exploded into my new career in only 6-months.

I had to give up my business, my podcast, and what I thought was my calling for what has become my true mission: Podcast production for indie podcasters in the financial genre.

My home base is at http://SteveStewart.me where you can schedule a call, learn how to use Audacity like an expert, and find a link to my vibrant Podcast Editor’s FB group.

It’s great to meet you all!


Thanks Ravi for the invite!
I’m David Steele and I produce podcasts through the Steele Empire, our family run network.
We produce “A Quest for Magic and Steele” the Dungeons and Dragons gameplay, where the family and I sit around the table and act out our characters as we improv.
“Ark City” is our first person, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi audiodrama.
I am available for voice over work. You can find a few of my Voice demos on our site.
You can reach us or find links to all this at http://SteeleEmpire.com


Hey everybody!

My name is Justin Emery and my current position is the director of Business Development and Advertising with Wildfire Radio, a podcast network/recording studio in the Philadelphia area. I used to work in FM radio before I was introduced to podcasting in 2013. I dabbled off and on with it before eventually transitioning full time and seeking a career in podcasting in 2016.

I love to chat about business ideas and strategies of all kinds so feel free to engage with me in conversation and check us out at wildfireradio.com


Hello from Hugo, MN!!! I was born and raised in Escondido, CA, very near to where Ravi lives. (This officially makes us brothers!)

I’m working on an online Christian Discipleship membership at https://closertogod.online.

Excited to learn and share!


@Jeremy_Morris, wow, didn’t realize you lived that close! We should meet up sometime!

– Ravi


I’m a hospitalist with a passion for Latin America and the Spanish language, so I make Spanish audio lessons on my days off. I host the Medical Spanish Podcast & Spanish Grammar Review. My website is docmolly.com. Thank you Ravi for the invitation to take part in this community.


Hi all. Ravi has inspired me to start a podcast, so I chose one of my passions: BEER!

Following his suggestions, I’ve uploaded my first podcast interview (which I conducted yesterday) to Libsyn. I don’t have my website for this project ready yet, but I would appreciate any comments on the audio production. I added the intro, outro and music in Camtasia, btw.

Here’s the Libsyn link: http://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/id/6369154


Tim Prentiss