True Streaming, Adaptive Streaming and Progressive Downloads

True Streaming, Adaptive Streaming and Progressive Downloads: So what does it really mean to stream audio or video? Is downloading a file the same as streaming? Does every video you watch online a streaming video?

The 3 types of “streaming”, why one of them is not even actual streaming, what you should know about, why you should care, and the way it impacts how you deliver content to your audience.

That’s what I talk about on the latest episode of my podcast at

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I boil it down to some simple concepts and examples so you too know just enough to come across as a well-informed person at your next technical conversation at a party of geeks and nerds.

But seriously, the more important thing is that I want you to be able to make an informed decision when it comes to the media that you’re creating and and how you’re delivering it to your website visitors, subscribers and paid and free members.

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– Ravi Jayagopal