The UGLY-yet-Beautiful Truth about Fans

The UGLY-yet-BEAUTIFUL Truth: Not a rant, but an uplifting takeaway.

So, I’ve had 100+ people unsubscribe from my various lists these past couple of days because I sent them an email about my new course.

Now here’s the thing: I KNOW I have delivered (at least IMHO) 20x more value to my list, than what I’ve promoted. I give and give and give. I don’t hold back. I do not know of any other marketer who gives away so much of their stuff like I do… with giving away for free my Kindle books, many different paid mini courses, and a nearly endless amount of content and perspective and experience and thoughts and ideas via my podcast.

Some of these giveaways happen here on Facebook, but MOST of my free giveaways happen on my Podcast.

So EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this list is someone who voluntarily signed up to get my free stuff. And signed up to hear from me.

And every time, once every 2-3 months, I promote something, and I’ll get a bunch of unsubscribes.

Guess what? That actually makes me so happy!

They probably don’t want to hear from me. Or they don’t care about what I’m up to. Maybe things have changed in their life - their personal situation, values, industry, etc.

And that’s totally OK with me!

And do you know who I would rather have on my list?

  • Someone who WANTS to know what I’m up to.
  • Someone who CARES about what I have to say.
  • Someone who LIKES knowing about new stuff I’m creating.
  • Someone who LOVES hearing from me.
  • Someone who NEEDS my knowledge, insights & perspective.

I know I provide TONS of value to my audience.

I don’t do incessant, obnoxious selling.

Even my promotional emails offer value.

I giveaway a LOT of premium stuff for free.

I am totally generous.

So I’m always doing things that I know my true fans would love.

And I do ask some of those leaving about why they’re leaving, and try to see if it’s something I can do better.

But at the end of the day…

I am going to BE me.
I’m going to DO me.
I’m going to be FIERCELY FOCUSED on talking about topics that I care about.
I won’t ask you to post the 8th photo from your phone.
I won’t ask you to leave me a GIF.
I will only talk about stuff that interests me.
And topics that I know my true fans would care about.
I’m not going to try to be someone else.
Because I LOVE what I do.
And I am PROUD of what I do.
And I’m EXCITED about what I’m putting out into the world.
And I LOVE my message.
And I can do it the only way I can - by being ME!

Everyone else who doesn’t care for me, or like me, or respect me, or my message, or my delivery, or my demeanor, or are envious of my dashing good looks :sweat_smile:… they’re unfortunately a mismatch for me, for my brand.

I thank them for their time and attention. And wish them the best as they leave.

But everyone else… I know they’re in for a treat as I complete the launch of my new course tomorrow (last day - bonuses go away and price goes up).

And go back to creating more great content that I’m proud off, and helping my coaching clients who’re excited to have me help them along their journey.

If you are able to connect to what I’m saying, then the two best places to connect with me are:

  1. My email list, and
  2. My podcast.

Look forward to bringing you more value, while I continue to love what I do, and most importantly, do what I love.


– Ravi Jayagopal
My course launch ends tomorrow. Don’t miss the low price and special bonuses which expire tomorrow.