The Dreaded "Unsubscribe". And Selling is not Evil

One of the biggest problems I see with entrepreneurs and marketers, is their fear of making offers.

And if you get to the root cause of the fear of making offers, that in turn comes from the fear of people unsubscribing.

A lot of us are scared to sell stuff, make offers, because we think if we sell stuff, people will unsubscribe, they will mark our emails as spam, they will hate us, they will trash us on social media.

In short, a lot of marketers fear the sky will fall on their heads if they make offers to their list. And they are so terrified of people unsubscribing. Trust me, that included me as well at one point, and such thoughts do pass through my head even today. So it’s not unusual for marketers to worry about the dreaded unsubscribe.

Whether that is people unsubscribing from their free email list, or from their paid customer list, or unsubscribing from a monthly or yearly membership, or just basically getting a refund.

I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how many people who I’ve talked to and coached over the years, and consulted with on their business, who are absolutely terrified of sending out emails, because they feel like they’ll offend people and those people will unsubscribe and leave and never come back.

Listen to the full episode below, and please comment below what you think about this.

– Ravi Jayagopal