The Biggest Secret Behind Content Marketing

One of the things today’s entrepreneurs and content-creators are misled into believing, is that you have to just keep giving away value for free, forever - to literally give away the store - if you want to earn people’s trust and attention. It is so far from the truth. You don’t have to give away everything. And that is the biggest secret behind content marketing: Knowing what to give away, how much to give away, and what to hold back, and how to charge for the stuff you hold back. And you are not going to be “evil” because you wish to monetize your knowledge / skills / passion / talent.

Podcasters and YouTube creators are especially known for giving away way too much, to such an extent, that they find it hard to hold back some content that they can then charge for, or offer at a premium - like “members-only” or “listeners-only” or “subscribers-only”. And there is a general feeling, especially amongst podcasters, that trying to make money from or because of your podcast, is somehow evil, and that podcasting should be a “pure” hobby that is not to be impurified with thoughts of monetization.

If you’re in the more evolved group of people who believe that wanting to charge money for what you do is not inherently an evil thing, then keep reading…

There are at least 3 ways to reverse the “give away the farm” syndrome.

Repurpose: Check for old content that you’ve previously published - either in the form of blog posts, old videos, old podcast episodes, and then re-do them in a different format. Old wine in a new bottle, so to speak. And you serve fresh cheese and crackers with it.

Refresh: Take old content, add in new perspective, create a fresh version of the content, add value to it - like slides and video and commentary and interviews - and turn it into a course. And sure, you can give away one big and best “slice” of it in return for an email id. But then ask them to pay for the rest. Most people give away just a teaser. Don’t do that. Give away more than just a teaser. Give away something that they can benefit from right away, right now, without having to buy the whole thing. And that’s when you can win, because they then feel that if you can give away so much for free, then imagine how good the paid stuff must be.

Reserve: Give away the “what”, and reserve the “how”. I call it the “Commitment Ascension Model” - you start with giving away the “what”, then you charge a little for the “how”, then you add “done with you”, then layer on “done for you”, and coaching and consulting and seminars and on and on - as their commitment to you grows, you charge more, and your commitment to them grows accordingly. You can download this free report from

If you are still not sure what to give away, then you still have your greatest resource up your sleeve: Your time. Offer a 1-on-1 coaching and consulting and mentoring call with you, even if for just 15 minutes.

There are so many different ways to approach this.

If you’re struggling with what to use as a list-joining bonus (lead magnet), and what to use as a premium product that you charge for, or how much your premium figure out anything, or if you’re worried that you’re giving away too much, you are the most qualified to have a successful online business, because it just means you know a lot.

And if you need help with putting it all together and creating a successful, profitable, long-term online business, I can help you with it. Just contact me at


– Ravi Jayagopal
Podcast Host,

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