Software Development - Who Can Help?


Hi @RaviJayagopal

I recently checked out your program:

Is this program a good choice for me if I want to create software related to podcasting?

I’m looking to create and give away either WordPress plugin software for podcasters or maybe even a basic browser based app for podcasters to use to make podcasting easier. The actual utility of this product is still to be confirmed.

I would even be open to accessing white label software that I could purchase and then promote. Do you know anyone who could help?

Would love your feedback on your program and the direction to take in creating software for podcasters.

Rick Nuske
My Future Business

ps: love your work!


Hi @myfuturebusiness Rick,

Unfortunately, is defunct now. Plus it was just a bunch of old PHP scripts, which will not help you anyway with what you’re doing. That’s why I haven’t promoted that website in years (or so I thought). How did you find out about it? Just curious.

There are a lot of things to consider about creating any kind of software, WordPress plugin or not, before you even start thinking about hiring a developer.

I can help you navigate around all of the potential land-mines if you sign up for my Coaching program at . If you want fewer hours than shown at the above link, email me and I’ll send you more details.

Knowing what you’re getting into for the short-term and long-term will definitely save you a lot of frustration, lost time, lost money and wasted effort.

– Ravi Jayagopal


Hi @RaviJayagopal

I found the link via this link [see footer] -

I’ve applied for your royalty based coaching as I think partnering for a % of future sales is a good idea.

Rick Nuske
My Future Business


Hey @myfuturebusiness,

Unfortunately, I’m not taking on any new Royalty-based clients at this time. Just now updated the application page.

But I’m happy to coach and consult with you as part of my Next-Level Coaching Program, or even as part of my Guaranteed-Results coaching program at .

As you know, I have launched a large number of software products and podcasting- and audio- related services and SaaS products over the years.

Here are a few:

So yeah, I don’t believe there is anyone, anywhere, who is more qualified than me, to help you (or anyone reading this, for that matter) with designing, building, launching and marketing a software product, that too a WordPress plugin or a SaaS product, and even more so one that is related to podcasting!

And hiring me as your business coach is the only way to work with me at this point.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


– Ravi Jayagopal