Seth "Freaking" Godin is paying to advertise his new podcast

Seth “Freaking” Godin has been paying to advertise his new podcast! Yes, THAT Seth Godin! (That’s me below, pictured with Seth at a very exclusive meeting with about 30 people in the room, with just his super-fans, in New York City, circa 2009 I believe).


You know, the one whose blog is read by millions, and has been in the top-10 most visited blogs in the world for many years. He got to the top of the iTunes (Apple Podcasts, actually) charts simply by announcing his new podcast “Akimbo” on his blog and got thousands of subscribers to his show even before actual launch.

If he is willing to put his money where his mouth is, why aren’t you?

“Put your money where your mouth is”: No other one-liner even comes close to what I’ve been preaching for the last few months. And that is, to basically say, just stop talking about things, and start putting some money behind whatever you’re trying to accomplish. That’s what it means when they say, “get some skin in the game.”

If you watch Shark Tank, you’ll frequently see the Sharks ask how much of their own money that an entrepreneur has invested in the business. The less money they have invested, the less impressed the sharks are, and the less likely they are to invest in the entrepreneur. Kind of counter-intuitive, isn’t it?

If you just TALK about how passionate you are about something, and TALK some more about how much you care about something, then if you have NOTHING invested in it financially, then it makes it that much easier to just walk away from it. Don’t TELL me, SHOW me that you care. About your online business, or your online course, or your audio course, or your Kindle book, or your podcast.

I talked about this in a recent episode of my podcast - - about why you need to advertise, and also a few tips about how to get the money for advertising literally out of thin air, why “my podcast is just a hobby” is a weak excuse for not promoting it or not investing in it (I give examples of “hobbyists” spending anywhere from tens of dollars to thousands of dollars on their hobbies - so it just comes down to your priorities.). Doesn’t matter if your intention is to make money from your show or not. Whatever your goals are for your show, there’s almost no excuse to not promote it.

Do you pay to advertise your show? If yes, then please share how you do it, if-and-how-much you have budgeted for it. Not talking about free methods here - only paid methods.

Check out the full episode: “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is And Pay to Play - Ep #68”:

This is stunning to me that Seth Godin would pay for advertising, but it does make sense.

Growth and expansion are the symphony of the Universe, I guess there’s still people who haven’t heard of him, and he also has to stay top-of-mind with current fans.

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@Mercy, great point about there being people who don’t know who he is - I saw a few people respond to this post in one of the Facebook groups that I’m a part of, saying “I don’t know who Seth Godin is, and I don’t care what he does” :slight_smile:

They were missing the point that this was not about just Seth Godin, but the concept of “if this can do it, then you should too”. And some of the counter-arguments for that was “Oh, he has a lot of money, so he advertises”.

Once again, it flew right about their head.