S3MediaVault 6.0 - Huge Update

S3MediaVault v6.0 beta has just been released and we have a brand new video that shows off the player and its features:


And if you weren’t sure why you should use Amazon S3 to store your members-only Audio, Video and PDF (and NOT store them on your own website), then you should absolutely check out the video.

Just a quick snapshot of the features…

  • Smart Speed” now comes to the Video player: Your members can speed up your videos and consume them faster, and you will only talk faster, and won’t sound like a chipmunk (cuts out silences only)!

  • Instant Media Page” (IMP) lets you create member-download pages in just seconds rather than hours.

Simply give it a S3 bucket name and S3MV will create a page full of Audio players, video players and file downloads - depending on whatever is inside that bucket.

  • A stunningly beautiful Audio Player that has been super-charged

  • Customize EVERYTHING in the Audio Player (player color, text color, episode image)

  • Audio Player has download icon and smart-speed

  • Completely optimized to play on ALL mobile devices.

Check out the brand new video that shows off the player and its features:

Reply below if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.


– Ravi Jayagopal