Ravi's Rants, Raves & Roundup Report (R5)

I just launched a new email newsletter.

Basically all of the awesome stuff I’ve been reading, watching and working on that past week or two.

I’m calling it R5: Ravi’s Rants, Raves & Roundup Report :slight_smile:

1) Audio and Voice are the future :

From ScarJo’s voice in the movie Her (yeah, I used Scarlett Johannson’s nickname - I’m in the know, y’all. Booyah!) to Alicia Vikander’s Ex-Machina, to The Computer from Star Trek, to Jarvis in Iron Man, our voice is the most natural and most powerful form of communication.

Which is why I believe that audio is going to be one of the most powerful tools of the future.

Or just listen below:

2) Instagram Tip: Compose your Instagram post copy on your computer, and include a bunch of relevant tags (people follow tags too, and that’s good for discovery).

And then send your fully composed post, with the tags, to your phone with a free app like PushBullet (that’s what I use to quickly transfer photos, text and links between my computer and my phone).

Keep a text file with all of your Instagram tags so you can quickly look them up for re-use (see image below for mine).

My Instagram tags file

Then create post with photo, select filter, add text, and boom! Done!

3) Screencast Videos:

I’m quitting Jing for quick screencast videos that you wish to share with co-workers, clients, partners, etc. Jing needs Adobe Flash to show the recorded video, and browsers no longer including Flash by default any more, that means for someone to watch a video you recorded with Jing, they would have to first download Flash. That’s a deal-breaker.

That’s why I’m switching to Loom which to create screencast videos is absolutely brilliant for recording your screen and also placing a thumbnail of your webcam right within the video, making this a fantastic tool to add a personalized touch to your videos - say, like doing a personalized welcome video for new clients, partners, and team members.

And I will still be using Jing for screenshots. Awesome Screenshot is also a great tool for screenshots and screencasts, I use it only to take full-screen screenshots - of a long-scrolling page, for eg.

4) Alexander Super-spy : In the last email, I told you about the free Echo Show that Amazon sent me.
They recently sent me another gift: an exclusive “figurine” that I promptly nicknamed " Alexa…aander, the Super-Spy " (get it? lol!)

Check out the cute toy on Instagram.

5) 3 Bold Predictions for the Next 5 Years:

“Subscription Overload, Loss Leader Overload and Lifestyle Aggregators”:


Or listen below:

6) "I Don’t Care If I Make Money With This"

If you ask the most successful people in the world, whether it is sports, or scuba diving, or Shogi (Japanese chess), most of them would tell you that they never got into it with the intention of making money.

So when you’re first getting started, it’s OK if you say “I don’t care if I make money with this”. It’s OK to not care about monetizing your craft.

But over time, things will change - you will too. That’s when you will have to make a choice (2 min audio).

Or listen below:

7) Roundup From 'Round The Internets


  1. Most wonderful time of the year : Santa came early and brought me a new iPad Pro, keyboard and Apple Pencil :wink: . Follow me on Instagram to see a photo tomorrow.

  2. Marketing Tip : Don’t launch anything major on weekends, or during major holidays, and during the last few weeks of December. Most companies will be slow on support. Especially if you’r launching something that needs some kind of approval - like a new podcast which needs Apple’s approval, which means it’s going to get delayed by several weeks during December. So consider delays and a lag in your workflow before launching.

  3. Do not launch any new course or product without thoroughly testing the shopping cart and the affiliate program (if you have one) using third-parties on your team, like co-workers, assistants, friends and even family. Do not do the testing yourself.

Hope you found this stuff useful.

Cheers and see you on the next R5! :slight_smile:

– Ravi Jayagopal
Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Podcaster, Amateur Ventriloquist

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When I was teaching online, I remember creating an introduction to a lesson using words that started with the letter “F” as often as possible. I had fun creating it. I hope my students enjoyed it :slight_smile:
That said, I rather like your RRRRR title :slight_smile:

Your Instagram tip was a good reminder. I saved one list of hashtags and but need to expand it.
Also, your final point about “Do not launch” hit home. I know I can hit the launch button quickly when I’ve completed a project without considering the things you mentioned.

Good RRRRReport. Sorta reminds me of your “Helloooooooooooooooo…”


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Thanks, Marty.

On the topic of the letter “F”, try saying that without touching your lower lip to your teeth lol!

That’s one of the trickiest letters to “say” in ventriloquism, by the way :slight_smile: And that’s the first thing that came to my mind when you said that.

– Ravi Jayagopal
Super-Amateur Ventriloquist