Putting my money where my mouth is

Hi all,
After listening to Ravi’s podcasting episode #68 [http://subscribeme.fm/68] I looked around for something to help fund my new online business. My eye fell on my best-looking guitar. Though not a real Rickenbacker, it looks a lot like the one John Lennon played back in 1964, and has a custom case to match.

So I took it down to my local music store and we’re researching to see how much we can get from it and still have a happy customer. I’m sure it will cover the cost of the Academy, and then it will really be worth it.

What do you have that you could set free to another home, something that will help you achieve your dream?

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@Tim_Prentiss, wow! I’m speechless! Not just because it had something to do with my show, but mainly because it shows your commitment towards your vision and your goals, and how far you’re willing to go to bring it to fruition!!

Very proud of you. You’ve inspired me right back, so thank you for that.

Keep rocking!

  • Ravi Jayagopal

Follow-up: I checked in with the music store owner and he said his guitar guys were all impressed. “That’s a cool guitar,” they said. So he’s putting it in his store as a consignment, hoping for $599, which would net me $400, my goal.

At the last minute he raised the price to $799 (because I was pushing the custom case as a benefit) and will bargain down to $599 if necessary. So if it sells to some happy guitarist, I’ll have the Academy completely paid for!

PS: I paid $175 for it last year, so it’s definitely a winner for me.

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@Tim_Prentiss, that’s awesome! Let’s hope you get the best price!

//Ravi Jayagopal

I got a call from the music store today - the owner got the amount he promised! It looked so cool on his wall that one of his students just had to have it.

Two weeks ago I had a guitar that I didn’t play, and now I have a check…

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Truly speechless, @Tim_Prentiss! Your passion is inspirational and contagious!! Congrats! Here’s to onwards and upwards! Cheers!

– Ravi Jayagopal