Promoting Your Podcast On Your Own Website


I’ve been urging podcasters to do this for years now, but for some reason (lack of awareness, lack of motivation, lack of understanding, bad advice they’ve gotten from others about how a player on a website is not important, etc), a lot of podcasters just don’t take this seriously.

But if you care about building your audience one listener at at time, and getting to your 1,000 true fans one fan at a time, then you simply cannot ignore your website.

  • Put the entire feed (as a playlist) on your home page, ABOVE the fold - and not just your latest episode.

  • If you’re creating individual posts for each episode, then put the individual episode player at the top of the post, BEFORE the WordPress “more” tag, and have your shownotes and such after the more tag,

  • And then, at the end of each post, whether it is a post for your episode or even just your blog, embed the feed player on every single post and page on your website.

  • Just like a “Blogroll”, I call it a “Podroll”. So instead of recommending other blog posts, you would basically have your entire podcast playlist at the end, so that they can keep listening to your show.

  • Embed your feed player on every single landing page, about-me/about-us page, contact-us page.

  • Every page is an opportunity to get the visitor to sample not just one episode, but pick from your entire podcast feed.

  • Also, a playlist also acts like a “Table of Contents” for a book, where they can quickly skim through all of the topics you’ve covered, and if your topics resonate with them, there’s a very high chance that they’ll subscribe to your show.

  • Check all of this out in action on my own podcast website at

  • I go in-depth into a lot of such podcast promotion tips, tricks and techniques, in my Kindle book titled “Podcast Promotion Report: How to Promote Your Podcast, Reach New Listeners, Build Your Audience and Find Your 1000 True Fans” , at . And it has gotten a lot of great reviews as well. So check it out if you’re serious about promoting your podcast.



Ravi Jayagopal