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Recently Ravi offered to answer a few of my questions for free! So here we go:

First, thanks again for being willing to offer some advice. I definitely appreciate it. You were actually the first business podcast I listened to consistently, so it’s actually a big deal for me that you and I have become friends.

Anyway. I’m trying to develop my own business, and I wanted to ask some questions from different angles.

First, do you have any productivity tips? I’m currently working 3 part time jobs, and all of them are done from home. I know you have a lot of projects running at once. How do you manage it all?

Second, I am wanting to develop a coaching business. My niche is helping people overcome fear and develop unstoppable confidence so they can live the life they want. What do you think of confidence as a niche?

Third, as someone who does coaching, do you have any tips for how to actually coach people once you have them on the phone or in the video meeting? How did you develop your skills? Is there a main mistake to avoid? Or a perspective on coaching that helps you do it?

Fourth, of all the methods you mention in your course, what do you think is the best way to find clients for coaching?

Thank you!

Hey @Jordan,

Thank you for some great questions.

To answer your questions properly, we would probably have to get on a coaching call, because these are not simple 1-2 line answers. Which is why it was so hard for me to respond earlier, because answering this in detail would probably take me more than an hour, and only my paid coaching clients can get that kind of time from me. Like telling an obese person to “eat less and workout more”. Too generic a solution, which most people are already aware of. So for it to actually help, it has to be more customized to your situation.

And if I give you short single-paragraph answers, it’s only going to create more questions, rather than give you answers. And that kind of back-and-forth is best dealt with on an interactive call.

For e.g., you asked me if I have any productivity tips. To answer that, I would have to know what you’re doing right now, and then help you figure out which of those things is not productive, then help you figure out tasks that you can reduce or eliminate completely, or outsource, etc.

Maybe things that you think are very productive now, may need to be completely eliminated because maybe you shouldn’t be doing them at all if you want to go where you want to go. So what you think is productive right now might be a reason why you’re not being productive.

So simply telling you to watch less TV and cut out your hobbies and sleep less, is not going to help. You can find out those things by doing a simple Google search on “How to be more productive”.

What do you think of confidence as a niche?

Again, another question that needs a discussion. How do you define confidence? The “problem” (lack of confidence) is not a “tangible” issue. It’s not like people are posting on social media every day saying “Can someone help me build confidence?” or complaining about “If only I had more confidence”. Why do you think you’re qualified to teach confidence? How do you show to your target audience that you’re a supremely confident person who has achieved success in your niche because of your confidence? How do you find your audience? How will you demonstrate it? How will you show them that they need help with their confidence? How much would they be willing to pay for it? Have you created any products or services or content in the past in this niche? Are you an expert in this niche? If not, why would you get into this? Etc etc etc.

As you can see, these are not questions that can be answered with a simple yes/no or even a 1-2 paragraph answer. These are serious questions, the answers to all of which begins with “It depends…”. And they require a phone call. And a discussion. Probably several calls even.

If you really need these answered, and if your career path depended on getting these answered - or if not having them answered might lead you down the wrong path which might eventually lead to you wasting a lot of time, money and effort going down the wrong rabbit-hole, then I highly urge you to consider signing up for my business coaching program at

Sorry couldn’t be of more help.


– Ravi Jayagopal
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