Owning the hell out of your domain

So I just took my membership function back from Patreon. Realized that sending people to Patreon to support my podcast was diluting my brand and my influence.

I’m now ready to add some discussion groups and again. I want to own the hell out of.

What does that mean? It means I don’t want to build on discussion forum on the Distraction Machine (aka facebook)
I want those forums to be a single click from the website qiological.com.

I do NOT want people coming to the forum as a side thought, or have them be distracted by FB’s shiny objects and blinky lights.

I want them coming to the forum, like we do here. With a sense of intention and purpose.

So… again… since I want to “own” it. I need some help from y’all.

What kind of plug-in or software could I use that would let them have a discussion, like we are having here, but right from myself?

Just curious, what are you doing for your membership?

@dpayton I don’t have a discussion forum set up…yet.
I want to and I started this conversation hoping to hear what others are using.

Is this something you use with your business?


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