More Clients in 2019 with... MOMMY?

Do you know what is the one single & simple thing you can do to make more money in 2019 ?

No, I’m not talking about crying “Mommy!!” when you don’t get clients.

I’m talking about: Making… More… Offers.

That’s it, really! No super-secret special powers required.

More Offers = More Money for You (MOMMY… get it?) :slight_smile:

Now, you probably know that I’m the King of Acronyms and made-up words (remember DOGPOO & DOSAA?) lol!

What you may not know is that I’m also pretty darn good at helping both beginner and seasoned entrepreneurs figure out your offers - and scale them.

I’m talking about my Coaching Program, fully revised with a fantastic offer.

You also get 3 awesome bonuses when you sign up.

Bonus #1: 1001 True Fans: Small Audience, Big Impact: How to Become a Respected, Trusted & Beloved Expert and Build Your 1,000 True Fans Even If You’re Starting with an Audience of ZERO!
(a $199 value).

Bonus #2: "Digital 3D Product Image Creation"
(a $99 value)

Bonus #3: Silver Membership at my Digital Creators Academy
(for only certain levels - a $99 value)

Gemini di Ravio > Leo diCaprio
Over the last 3 months, I’ve gotten an “Inception”-like insight into the minds of my coaching clients.

Here are the most common problems I see many of them facing:

  • Not a big enough audience, list or customers
  • Not willing to make offers
  • Not sure how to make more offers without burning the list
  • Not enough time, too distracted, unfocused
  • Not enough ideas (or worse, too many ideas)
  • Not sure how to create a winning offer
  • Not sure how to price it
  • Not sure how to put it all together

But it doesn’t matter what stage of your business you are in - I can help.

Creating vs. Promoting
You have got to create value, package it, and sell it - for actual money.

Most of us are really good at creating content, but we struggle at monetizing it: Getting one-time buyers, recurring-subscription members, coaching clients, customers…

You could easily waste all of 2019 following the wrong “gurus”, buying the wrong courses, spending on the wrong services, trying to wing it by listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos, and crowd-sourcing free advice in Facebook groups.

Look back at how long you’ve been doing this, and you’ll know if you have gotten the results you had hoped for, in return for all the time, money and effort you’ve put in.

If you haven’t, then you just can’t afford to let yet another year slip by.

So check out the details here =>

– Ravi Jayagopal
Entrepreneur, Business Coach, 5x Author, Speaker, 2x Podcaster, Digital Marketer & Amateur Ventriloquist :slight_smile:

Co-Founder & Co-Developer: DigitalAccessPass .com
Podcast Host, SubscribeMe .fm

PS: Yup, I’m a Gemini :slight_smile: