Minimum Viable [Everything]

(Pic: The 5 books I’ve authored)

As a developer-turned-marketer, one of the main things I have always focused on (even without knowing that there’s an actual term for this), is “Minimum Viable Product” - basically, the least number of features your software can have for you to ship it and start getting people to use it and give you feedback, so you can develop it further based on that). This concept can be used for all types of “products”, including hardware and digital, like online courses.

  • Minimum Viable Audience is where you don’t need millions of fans or followers - Kevin Kelly’s concept of 1000 true fans are good enough to earn you a nice living. I have since come up with a few more myself, like…

  • Minimum Viable Podcast (don’t have to launch with 8 episodes - just 1 published and maybe a couple in the bag, and don’t wait for 5000 downloads to find a sponsor - you are your best sponsor, and there are better ways to monetize your show),

  • Minimum Viable Channel (don’t wait to have a 1000 subscribers and 10,000 downloads to start monetizing, and don’t depend on ads), and

  • Minimum Viable Book (an epic Kindle book with 30 pages that helps the reader accomplish at least one single thing, is more powerful than a fluff-filled 300 page book).

Minimum Viable is what I call it, and is one of my favorite mantras. . And you can see its heavy influence in everything I practice, preach and teach - especially in my new course “1001 True Fans: Small Audience, Big Impact: How to Become a Respected, Trusted & Beloved Expert and Build Your Tribe of 1,000 True Fans - Even If You’re Starting with an Audience of Zero Followers, Zero Fans, Zero List and Zero Customers”.

– Ravi Jayagopal