How To Grow <anything>

(Guruji “Wilson The Wise One” in Deep Contemplation About The Time vs. Money Conundrum)

Time or Money? The ultimate conundrum.

When it comes to time vs. money, there are really only 3 ways to grow your business (or get better at anything, for that matter).

1. Spend Time
Join groups & forums, answer questions, give away epic content, build a list, write a Kindle book, create a YouTube channel, post on Instagram, guest articles and interviews, etc.

2. Spend Money:
Do paid promotion on Facebook, Instagram, Podcasts, Ads on email lists, AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

3. Spend a Bit of Both (Fastest option):
Do both. Spend both time and money. This is the hardest for most people, as most won’t have (or don’t wish to spend) BOTH time AND money. But if you can see the value in it, and figure out a way to do both, then this is the fastest way to grow a business, or learn something new, or improve something, grow an audience, and get to your 1000 true fans.

And of course, it helps to cut short your learning curve, helps avoid mistakes, not go down the wrong path, down the wrong rabbit hole, and stay focused on keeping the main thing the main thing, if you have someone in your corner guiding you, helping you and mentoring you.

So even if it’s not me, you would do well to get a business coach who can help you with all of that.

Or you’ll be stuck and maybe even have a setback if you are constantly trying to crowdsource business advice.

Don’t Crowdsource Business Advice - Ep #23

– Ravi Jayagopal