How to Create a Premium Podcast


How to create a Premium Podcast that you can offer in exchange for an email (to build your list), sell access to for a fee (one-time or recurring), or include it as a bonus with the purchase of a different premium product or service.

Creating a premium podcast would involve the following:

  • A membership plugin like (DAP) that can protect the podcast RSS feed so that it’s not publicly accessible to the world
  • The membership plugin should allow you to publish a signup-form and then and make the feed available to those who sign up for your email list
  • The membership plugin should be able to provide custom, personalized Feed Links for different members, so that you can turn access on and off for each member separately
  • The membership plugin should prevent members from sharing their personalized Feed Link with other unauthorized members, and automatically disable the feed of anyone who abuses your content
  • Currently, (DAP) is probably the only WordPress membership platform that can do all of the above items.
  • You also need a free WordPress plugin called PowerPress to create your podcast RSS feed.
  • A file hosting service (like a podcast host, or Amazon S3 - do not use free file hosting services, also don’t use Google Drive or Dropbox - it’s against their terms of service.
  • A plugin like if you wish to embed the full podcast in the member’s area so that your members (whether free or paid) can listen to your show from a page on your website.
  • The player would look like the one at the top of my home page at (that’s my podcast, and I’m using on that page and all of my websites)
  • And then they can take their personalized Feed Link and then add it to their favorite podcast app (mine is Overcast), and listen to it offline like they would to any other regular, public podcast.
  • If you need a shopping cart shopping cart now or in the future to, say, sell access to this premium podcast, and maybe sell other digital products like online courses, audio books, ebooks, etc, then you need something like (also our plugin).

I have an online course that teaches you how to set up all of this yourself, at .

You can purchase (DAP) and separately.

Or if you want someone to set it all up for you, and give you a package deal for all of the plugins and the setup of all plugins, including DAP and the members’ area and the sign up form and the payment buttons, then let me know below and I can help.

– Ravi Jayagopal
DOPE: Do Once, Publish Everywhere