Go Deep, Then Wide: The Biggest Secret to Success I Learned From Google, My Father and Miley Cyrus

I podcast about what I’m doing. And I do what I’m podcasting about. It’s a synergistic loop.

“Go Deep Then Wide”

That’s the actual heading of one of the chapters of a book that I’ve planned on writing next year.

I’m going to establish some context, give you some examples, and then tie it all together beautifully and put a bow on top of it, and then show you how all of this is relevant to you.

Turns out, that was the biggest thing I learned from my late father R.N. Jayagopal, song and story writer extraordinare, may God bless his soul - and he did not actually teach me that.

Because one day I woke up and figured out, that I have to do what he did, not what he said.

And it is really an immutable law to learning from successful people, is to do as they do, not as they say.

Usually that quote is said in a negative context, because a lot of people will be doing one thing, but teaching another thing, sometimes intentionally. Which is why a lot of online courses about making money don’t really work, because they’re not really teaching you what they’re actually doing.

But in my father’s case, he obviously wasn’t trying to mess with me or trying to mislead me. It’s just that he himself didn’t fully quite understand his own mega success in life.

Let me explain.

– Ravi Jayagopal