Forget the "Leavers". Create for the "Believers"

Forget the “Leavers”. Create for the “Believers”. (sorry, made up a new word, cuz it rhymes so well :joy:).

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You will always have people unfollowing you, unsubscribing from your show, or email list, or YouTube channel.

You will get 1 star reviews.
You will get rude and hurtful emails and comments.
You will see people who voluntarily signed up for your list while double-opting in, mark your emails as spam.

Try to find out why, for sure, if possible. Maybe it’s something you didn’t realize, or hadn’t thought of.

Or maybe what you find out goes against who you are, what you think, and what you do.

If so, wish them well and let 'em go.

Forget the “Leavers”, Create for the “Believers”, I say.

Obsessively create for those…

  • who WANT to know what you’re up to.
  • who CARE about what you have to say.
  • who LIKE knowing about new stuff you’re creating.
  • who LOVE hearing from you.
  • who TRUST your knowledge & perspective

Provide TONS of value to your audience.
Be generous.
Do things that bring you joy.
While doing things that you know your true fans would love.

I’ll be over here doing the same.

I am going to BE me.
I’m going to DO me.
I’m going be FIERCELY FOCUSED on talking about topics that I care about.
I will only talk about stuff that interest me.
And topics that I know my true fans would care about.
And I’m not going to try to be someone else.
Because I LOVE what I do.
And I am PROUD of what I do.
And I’m EXCITED about what I’m putting out into the world.
And I LOVE my message.
And I do it the only way I can - by being ME!

Everyone else who doesn’t care for me, like me, or respect me, or my message, or my delivery, or my demeanor, or are envious of my dashing good looks :joy:… they’re just an unfortunate mismatch for me.
I thank them for their time and attention. And wish them the best as they leave.

But everyone else… Oh boy, do I know they’re in for a treat!!

And I’m going to continue creating more great content that I’m proud off, and helping my customers and clients who’re excited to have me help them along their journey.

And I look forward to bringing my 1000 true fans more value, while I continue to love what I do, and most importantly, do what I love.

#blinders #1000truefans #88DaysLeftToCrushIt

– Ravi Jayagopal