Facebook Group or Forum?

And Creating an Online Community That Will Be Around For The Next 5-, 15- or 50 years.

That’s the title of my podcast episode at https://SubscribeMe.fm/facebook-group-or-forum/ . Or just give it a listen using the player below.


So check out the episode above to hear my take about creating a Facebook Group vs. an Online Forum. Like this one. On your own site. Your own domain. Your own hosting account.

And all the pros and cons of both methods (hint: the pros of one of them outweight the cons, and I’ll tell you exactly why).

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And then read this post about which forum software I recommend for your website: https://forum.subscribeme.fm/t/which-forum-software-to-use-on-your-own-website/79

And after you’ve listened to the episode, come back here and let me know what you think.


Ravi Jayagopal
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Hey Ravi

Commuting to my job in Tokyo this morning and realized I had no new podcast episodes to listen to, and ran a quick search on Overcast, found your show. Super informative and well thought out – thank you!

Currently running a project this year where I try to learn all the skills necessary to make a business online while keeping my day job, and part of that is a “sandbox” project where I want to see if, after 3 months of learning, I have what it takes to create, market and sell an online course in a targeted niche. So I started a FB group. It’s for people who want to work in Japan, but don’t know about visas, interview techniques, Japanese CV’s etc.

It began to grow once I threw some paid advertising at it, and there’s some ok engagement. As of this moment, I’m 3 weeks with this group and at 250 members.

Soon, I want to begin driving people from there to the site I created to host this course, which currently just has a countdown, quick text description, and a sign up box. 13 sign ups so far, so fairly meh.

What I found interesting in your episode is that YES I am in fact paying FB to drive people to a group as the top of my funnel, and then I’ll likely need to pay again to drive them from there to my own domain. Seems ludicrous. I need to put some thought into how I want to structure this funnel better now, because your episode really has me wondering if I can somehow make a free/paid forum aspect to this course site and own my customer’s data. Thank you for the info!

Real World MBA Project – livewithauthority.com


Hey @livewithauthority,

Glad to hear that you liked my podcast.

Do you mind telling me what keywords you used for your search in OverCast? Just curious.

Yeah, expect engagement to plummet in Facebook groups. And all the things you have to do to create fake-engagement, will actually bring down the quality of the discussions in the group.

Long-term, I don’t see much hope for Facebook groups. That’s why, it’s better slow-and-steady now in building something that can survive the social- and generational zeitgeist.

And be sure to own the platform no matter what.

– Ravi Jayagopal
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Hey Ravi

Sorry for the late reply – too busy catching up on your whole podcast library on the way to and from work!

I found it via search term “entrepreneur”

Excited to launch my one time course in 21 days. Strongly considering DAP to create my membership area…
Currently using Thrive Themes/Architect package incl. Thrive Apprentice. Is it a seamless integration? I don’t see anything on the Thrive site specifically about Digital Access Pass.

Anyways, thanks for the great content, seriously.


Hey Colten @livewithauthority,

Yes, DAP works great with Thrive Themes and Thrive Apprentice. You don’t see anything specific to DAP on their site because nothing special is need for Thrive to work with DAP.

Thrive just creates the content - whether it’s their themes, Thrive Architect or Thrive Apprentice.

And DAP protects WordPress pages, whether they’re created by Thrive, or OptimizePress or any other plugin or theme for that matter. So DAP doesn’t care what tool was used to create the content.

And I’m actually using Thrive Theme + Thrive Architect + Thrive Apprentice + DAP on my membership site at https://SubscribeMe.fm/academy/ . So all of content and my courses, including the one at http://PremiumPodcasting.com , is delivered using the above combination. Plus throw in S3MediaVault to protect the digital content, and http://CoolCastPlayer.com for the audio player and premium podcast, etc.

Hope this helps.

– Ravi Jayagopal

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When I have used FB vs a frorum I get more people telling me FB. But people get lost in FB and its a huge waste of time. Forum all the way.

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@Charles_Kirkland, yes, FB is too distracting, they’re going to start monetizing your group at some point, and there is no structure to the content - just one long, vomit-of-a-feed where it’s hard to find information.

Check out the podcast episode above - I talked this and some other issues as well with Facebook forums.

– Ravi Jayagopal
Podcast Host, https://SubscribeMe.fm

You’re funny, Ravi!
But really, thank you for this idea of forum vs facebook group. Does the DAP have a forum built in?

April Ria

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Hi @Aprilria,

DAP does not have a forum built-in. DAP is more of a content delivery and payment system. So all of the content has to be created and managed outside of DAP. Which is why we built DAP on top of WordPress.

So WordPress is the content management system. And you can use any forum plugin built into WordPress. And we have some third-party forum plugins that we integrate with.

See http://DigitalAccessPass.com/doc/forum-integration/

XenForo integration is currently not available. But integration with IPBoard is coming soon.

– Ravi Jayagopal