DOPE: Do Once, Publish Everywhere


Hey, my new course is now live!

DOPE: Do Once, Publish Everywhere - How to Build Trust, Respect & Influence and Reach New Audiences Using Live Streaming, Video, Audio and Repurposing Content on Multiple Social Media Platforms

If you’re on any of my lists, you were sent an email about the launch.

DOPE launched at $49 ($29 if you are following me on Facebook). Then it kept moving up in price, $10 per day, until it became $99. And then it doubled in price.

But even at full list price, it’s a very small investment compared to the amount of training inside the course - even just the bonus by itself is probably worth the price of admission.

Anyway, check out the course at

– Ravi Jayagopal
DOPE: Do Once, Publish Everywhere