I coined two new words to describe the Subscription Model: DOGPOO and DOSAA.

Nope, not referring to the Asian-Indian, mouth-watering dish Dosa. Nor am I referring to actual dog doo-doo either.

DOGPOO stands for “Do Once, Get Paid Only Once”.

DOSAA stands for “Do Once, Sell Again and Again”.

Creating something once and being able to sell it over and over again - like an Online Video Course, Software or a Report – is way more profitable, productive and fun than simply putting a lot of your time and effort into something that is done just once where you get to benefit from it just once.

DOGPOO: Performing live on stage: You get to charge for tickets only once. The show happens one time. Once it’s over, it’s over.
DOSAA: Recording an album, or video recording of your live event and selling them to thousands.

DOGPOO: Speaking live on stage or doing a show live on the radio.
DOSAA: Doing a Podcast, publishing it as a pre-recorded audio file, and getting a people from all over the world listen to it.

DOGPOO: Working with a client 1-on-1 & getting paid for your time. You cannot re-use or re-sell time already spent.
DOSAA: Creating a productized version of your knowledge that can be sold as a Course, over and over again, to many clients.

DOGPOO: Writing custom software for a client: You only get paid once for that project. Once it’s done, your work cannot be leveraged further.
DOSAA: Creating a customizable, off-the-shelf Software product – like a WordPress Plugin – that can be sold over and over again to a large number of people.

If you noticed, two things stands out in the above examples: Scalability and Repeatability.

In the DOGPOO examples, you will see that all of the products – like a live concert, writing custom software for one client, or speaking in front of a live audience - are all one-time events. You do them once, you get paid once, and you can’t really leverage your past work and get paid for it again.

Of course, there are some opportunities in the DOGPOO examples: For e.g., you can record your live concert, and sell the recording as a product, over and over again. But remember, live concert recordings are not the same as a digitally mastered studio recording - unless of course, you’re a big-time artist like the Eagles, Michael Jackson or Justin Timberlake.

Similarly, if you are a developer or designer and create stuff specifically for a client, then the copyright of the work you have created almost always belongs to the client. Sure, you could leverage some of the code, the framework or design patterns for later use in a different project, but most of your work is still largely unusable in another project, mainly because a new client usually brings different requirements. Plus you would get sued if you copied your old client’s work for your new client.

And that’s where creating a product that can be repeatedly sold to a larger audience without too many changes or customizations, can be a game-changer for you, as a business owner.

For e.g., a software product like (a membership plugin for WordPress that I co-founded and co-developed) can be sold over and over again to thousands of different customers without too many tweaks. If you design the software to be customizable, then each client can modify it to suit their needs without you having to write code for each one of them individually.

But it’s not just software that can be scaled. Most intellectual property you create can be repeatedly sold - like a Video, Audio, How-to Article, Document, “Secret Sauce” information and even Services.

  • Scalable: You can sell the same thing to not just a few people, but a LOT of different people.

  • Repeatable: Once you have a digital product, you can get each of your members to pay you not just once, but repeatedly (monthly or yearly subscription).

DOSAAS: DOSAA with an Extra “S”

The extra “S” might as well stand for putting your DOSAA efforts on “Steroids”.

It’s not just about selling digital products that you can sell one-time.

It’s not just about digital products that you can sell again and again to different people.

It’s not even about selling the same product to different customers.

It is all about selling it again and again - to the SAME customers.

So let’s revisit the crazy acronyms one last time.

DOGPOO: Do Once, Get Paid Only Once.
DOSAA: Do Once, Sell Again and Again.
DOSAAS: Do Once, Sell Again and Again - to the Same Customers

And that is the best definition of a Perfect Product.

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//Ravi Jayagopal
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