CONTEST: Guess what I'm trying to highlight in this picture?


First thought was that you were promoting a live event in Muir Woods, but Amazon won’t ship me to Muir Woods or Muir Woods to me.


Looks like (as opposed to the bottle of snapple or ketchup!)


Hahaha… @PattyN, they’re both kinda out my budget :slight_smile:


Mine, too! But a girl can hope.


Hi @Lucyr and @RaviJayagopal. I like the Polaroid Monopod because it’s really portable. Here’s a link:

(BTW, that’s not an affiliate link - it goes to a page, which forces Amazon to make a contribution to my favorite cause. Do you folks do that?)

In any case, it can be shortened to a 4" height like the one in Ravi’s photo or raised to a 6 ft height pretty easily. It works great with my 360-degree camera!



I should have gotten that answer, Ravi - because I’ve been dealing with the challenge for the past few weeks as I try to capture both of my hands as I’m baking things or enjoying flights of beer.

So here’s my brainstorm: a harmonica holder I had around the office expands to hold a little flip cam or the largest smartphones. Plus I can stick a harmonica in there and not look quite so goofy…

Cheers! Congrats to Dan.



WINNER & ANSWER: Watch this video where I reveal the answer to the photo-contest, as well as pick a winner!

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