Collecting client credentials

From time to time I need to receive client login/password credentials in order to be able to work for them.

I’m after an online method my customers can use to securely submit and update this information for me.

Does anyone know of a tool or method they can recommend?

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LastPass is the best tool for this. You can use it to share login information securely with your clients, your team members, your business partners, associates and even family members.

When you share a login with them, you can choose to optionally let them see the password - or not.

LastPass is just one of the awesome tools and I use and recommend for running an online business, along with all these other ones: . Check it out when you get a chance.

I think I might need to add it to my “Dream Team:slight_smile:

– Ravi Jayagopal

Hi Ravi,

I already use LassPass for storing my own credentials and agree it is awesome.

My dilemma however is when customers first share their own credentials with me if they don’t use LastPass themselves?

In that first instance I want to avoid them sharing those details with me via an email where it is being sent to me in clear text.

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Something easy for setup that you might look into is Dropbox- Depending on how MANY clients you have, it might get unwieldy, but at a smaller scale this should work ok. Your client does not need to have a Dropbox account. See the link below for creating a “file request”. The client would upload the text file w/ whatever credentials you needed & the file would be encrypted in transit and encrypted at rest. Only you would have access to the file, and you can send out requests to multiple clients. each can upload their own, but not see or open anyone else’s. Of course, a downside is that they had to create a file w/ the credentials in plaintext on their computer which they might not delete.

Another route that would take more work up front to build but would be better in the long run (I think) might be to use Google Forms. Then, folks would just have to enter their creds in a webform and nto create a saved text file on their computer. JUST BE SURE- to UNCHECK the box for “respondents can see summary charts and text responses” so they can’t see any answers from other clients.!/

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You have a few options:

  1. You could educate your clients about the benefits of using LastPass, and it will help them with more than just sharing with you, and will greatly enhance the security of the information with other people they may be working with. If they are already using some other password-sharing tool, you could add the same to your computer and use what they use instead of making them switch to LastPass. LastPass has an amazing feature called SecureNotes

  2. Sharing a text or word doc via Dropbox or Google docs or Google Forms, like @musicguynphoenix suggested above (probably simplest option for most people). Even our own clients will sometimes upload it to their own dropbox folder and will share the link to it via a support ticket.

  3. You could have them share it via a WordPress contact-us form that you create specifically for this. I love Ninja Forms for this. The answers will be stored in the WordPress admin back-end. So remember that all WordPress admins will be able to access it.

  4. Install a support-ticket system, like ZenDesk or (has a free tier), or even the open-source, and have them submit a ticket with all the website details, that is seen only by authorized support staff.

– Ravi Jayagopal
All the tools I use and recommend in one place:

Thanks Ravi and musicguynphoenix some good ideas for me to follow up on!