Active, Lurker, Zombie


Which one of these are you? Active, Lurker, Zombie.

Hey, it’s your friendly moderating-, benevolent dictator here LOL! :slight_smile:

I love active users who make thoughtful comments and add value to the group (don’t just say “I agree” or “+1”).

And I also appreciate lurkers, who may not necessarily be actively commenting on current threads, but they’re still logging in occasionally, reading the posts, watching, learning, and observing. The key is, they’re still engaging with the community, even if it’s occasional.

And if you have an extenuating circumstance or other more important things that’s temporarily preventing you from participating in the groups, that’s totally OK. After all, life does get in the way for all of us.

But what I am concerned about are the Zombies (as I like to call them) :slight_smile: - those who haven’t logged in to the website in months, they’ve unsubscribed from notification emails, almost never log in to the forum, have spent 0 (zero) minutes reading the posts, replied 0 times, comment 0 times, created 0 posts, haven’t liked anyone’s posts, and generally haven’t done anything since joining the group.

Now, if you’ve paid to be a part of this group, or you’re part of this because you’re a coaching client, or have purchased other products and services from me, then you have lifetime immunity LOL! I can’t say nothing to you!

But if you got access to this community during a free enrollment special offer, then you’re the person I’m talking to.

Having previously run a Facebook group filled with Zombies, I know that that’s not useful to the group to have users in here who don’t want to be here, and have absolutely no intention of ever participating now or in the future. Participation does not mean posting content, like I said. You can engage with the group even just by logging in occasionally and reading the posts.

And no, I don’t believe in junk-engagement - like asking you to post your website link or podcast episode or Instagram account etc. So I’m totally OK with you just reading the posts and not posting anything, rather than posting short answers just for the sake of engagement.

So here’s a friendly reminder, that if you are a free member, then please try to log in to the forum every now and then, maybe read some threads, maybe try to participate and add value whenever you can.

If you are a Zombie right now, simply reading and responding to this post will bring you back to life :wink:


– Ravi Jayagopal


Because of the demands of my time on caring for aging parents, I’m probably close to being a zombie. I appreciate being invited here, I just hope you understand there can be extenuating circumstances that keep us away longer than we would like.



No worries. There are more important things in life than this forum.

But the fact that you read this and responded, gives you immunity from a Zombie bite lol! :slight_smile:

I did steal your words of “extenuating circumstances” and updated my original post. So thank you for that.



Not. Zombie.
Not lurking either.
Finishing up some retooling of my website so I can be positioned for world domination.


Hi Ravi

At the moment, I’m in the observant category.

Doing a great job with the forum.

Rick Nuske
The My Future Business Show


Thanks for the add. It has been a bit busy with some things lately, but I am catching up. I am lurking with gusts of active. :wink:


Total Lurker here.
I come to visit when time allows. Which if I’m lucky is once a week.
Joined as I’m a fan of Veena and love the service she provides.
Yes Ravi, I know this is your world and as I would hope that as you are her number 1 fan, you will understand that I also respect what you do as a matter of default.
Saying that I don’t listen to podcasts and as I’m living in Ukraine it means my priorities and experiences are different to the USA market.
Still technically it’s nice to know what’s going on.


@MMax , @myfuturebusiness, @realsmallscalelife, @jayc_ryder, @Gabrielsimao, @Tigerpink: Thank you all for your responses.

Glad to know that you haven’t become “Walkers” yet lol!


– Ravi Jayagopal

PS: To unsubscribe from the forum emails, see this thread: Unsubscribing from Forum Emails


Student and full time worker here. This time of the year is especially busy because of school. So by now I am just a lurker. 1 semester and a half to go!


Hi Ravi,

I lurk, when something comes up that is of interest to me I’ll definitely become active.


Finally able to get back in on a computer. Sadly, so much has been on mobile phone this past week. I’ll need to figure out how to get my phone save my password so I can jump in more frequently. Hope to be regularly engaged.


@musicguynphoenix, click on your icon at the top-right corner, then click on your username, then under Preferences, you can connect your account to your Facebook account, so you can log in through Facebook authentication the next time, without ever having to remember your login.


This is great! I just linked it and signed in w/ Facebook on my phone w/out having to use my password. You’re a wizard :slight_smile:


I’m hoping for a good back-and-forth conversation in this forum. When Jerrdog replied to a post of mine, I jumped right on it. Ravi gave a more complete response to my dilemma … and I didn’t reply for 8 days! (I was approving the publishing house’s author website, etc. in the meantime.)

But I think this forum will work best if we respond to each other’s comments and then respond to the responses. Then who knows where we’ll end up?


I’ve been lurking and planning, and getting more and more excited and focused. Then two weeks ago I was in a serious auto accident. Me vs Semi that pulled crossways in front of me. My car was destroyed, but my life was spared. I can’t be on keyboard more than 15 min because I jammed my wrists on the steering wheel. Can’t do verbal because my scrambled brain is still struggling to get sentences out coherently. All will heal, hopefully in a couple of months. Paramedics could not believe that we had no broken bones or internal injuries even though we hit the truck while we were going about 50 mph. God is good. Until I get through therapy and get my keyboarding fingers back, I’ll continue to lurk. :slight_smile: